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Thank you very much for taking out the time to read this blog post.  Despite what you may think, I do realize that most of us have a limited amount of time in this day and age and that reading through numerous blog posts on health care providers websites may not necessarily be your number one choice of how you spend your time.  However, it this is your number one choice of how you spend your time then my hat is off to you and I commend you for it.  That makes my job all that much more rewarding and enjoyable.


Your government, media, friends, family and the majority of people in the society that you live in have most likely convinced you that a cancer diagnosis is some death sentence.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  This is absolute blasphemy as far as I am concerned.  I have lost track of all of the different health care providers that have successfully treated their cancer patients and reversed their cancers over the last 100 years or so.  The list of health care providers used to be small and now it is a long list that encompasses many new doctors like myself who were only just licensed to diagnose recently during the last 10 or 15 years or so.  What Royal Rife, Hocksey, Royal Lee, Dr. Victor Frank and many of the rest of us have learned about cancer is that it really is not a big deal.  We have come to understand the basic physiology of the “disease” and have a variety of specific approaches for how to reverse it.  My favorite approach for treating and reversing cancer is to treat the underlying cause.  Thus far, all of my cancer patients have had an active fungal infection.  So, you may ask, “Do funguses cause cancer?”  Good question.  Yes, they do.  However, lots of things cause cancer and a fungal infection is only one of the many things that causes it.  What causes a fungal infection?  Well, you are free to go to my blog post on fungal infections on this website called “Candida” and that might help you to answer that question.  You can just do a search for “candida” under any page of this website other than the home page.

One of the most expensive “diseases” that can be treated is cancer.  Some sufferers who end up dying from the “disease” will spend 20 or 30 times more on the cancer than they ever spent on their health during the last few years of their life.  To me, this seems absolutely crazy.  Clearly, there is a huge amount of money in the cancer business.  Therefore, our system supports sick people that are given “disease” names (called diagnosis) in order to maximize business.  It is done intentionally and not by accident.


The medical profession has created an entire language around diseases that cause people to take ownership of their disease.  The powerful psychology and marketing behind this approach is hard to combat.  The only resistance to this insanity is the education of the public done by health care providers like myself and other holistic health care providers all over the world.  The word “Doctor” comes from the latin root word docere which means “to teach.”  “Patient” comes from the latin root word, “patior” which means “to suffer.”  Therefore, doctors teach those who are suffering so that they no longer have to suffer to much.  This is what I am doing.


I digress.  Let’s get back to the subject of candida and cancer.  People who’s immune system becomes very compromised may possibly end up with cancer.  Cancer is an end stage “opportunistic infection.”  What this means is that it will only present itself in people who’s immune systems are already compromised.  What I find fascinating about this is that hundreds of thousands of people just in this country alone are constantly diagnosed with cancer and we often hear from them the same story.  They share something like: “I just woke up one morning and felt horrible.  I had trouble walking up and down the stairs that I had been walking up and down with no trouble for the last 20 or 30 years.  I went to the doctor and they diagnosed me with lymphoma.”  Yes, we hear a story like this one all of the time.  However, the truth behind this is that their immune system had gotten weaker and weaker and weaker day by day over many years.  And, more importantly, SOMETHING CAUSED THEIR CANCER.  Hypocrites, the father of modern medicine, is famous for having said, “The Highest Good Is To Find the Cause.”  So, myself and many others before me have successfully been able to help people to find the underlying causes of their cancer and then to address those underlying causes.  Cancer is not a marijuana deficiency.  Cancer is not a lack in high dose vitamin C.  Although heavy metals may cause cancer, attempting to get rid of heavy metals will not be enough to rid a persons body of cancer.  ALL CANCERS AND ALL OTHER HEALTH CONCERNS HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON.  THEY ALL HAVE A STRUCTURAL, CHEMICAL, AND EMOTIONAL CAUSE.  They can all be treated using the Triad Of Health Chiropractic Kinesiology System of Diagnosis and Treatment.  To the best of my knowledge, this system of diagnosis and treatment is the most comprehensive and effective system of diagnosis and treatment on the planet.  Using this system of diagnosis and treatment I am able to read the patient’s body and have their body tell me what is causing their cancer and then we treat the cause(s).  We have an entire system for doing this that is elaborate and involves laboratory analysis, postural analysis, pulse point analysis from Traditional Chinese Acupuncture Medicine, homeopathic constitutional diagnosis, gait analysis, muscle testing, etc….  Because this language for reading a person’s body is so comprehensive and thorough, our results are fantastic.  The effectiveness of treatment is based upon lifestyle changes.  These changes are done by the patient out of the office.  They are crucial.  Eating brownies, pizza, soda pop and donuts is counterproductive in the treatment of all cancers.  Patient compliance is important in all of health care and cancer treatment is no exception to that rule.


Rather than treating cancer, we treat people.  We treat people who have cancer.  We treat our patient’s “Inner Pharmacy” to produce a different set of chemicals which then lead to normal breathing, digestion, heart rate, mood, blood pressure, etc…  This may sound great but it is entirely different than treating symptoms and diseases.  We treat people who have symptoms and diseases by discovering the underlying causes of their diseases and symptoms.  We actually help them to heal and correct and change their body’s when they are not well.  It is not about giving the perfect herb or wonderful massage or chiropractic adjustment.  It is all about providing the right therapy for the right patient at the right time and in the right order to achieve maximal healing for that patient at that time.  All therapies are specific and very from patient to patient regardless of any “disease name” that the medical establishment may have labeled them with.  We prefer that our patient leave their “disease labels” at the door when they walk in the office and they will always be waiting for them at the door when they walk out.  However, since there are quite a few people walking around the office, it would preferable that our patient give their disease names to someone else so that they no longer need to carry around that burden.  This is really the way to go.  These disease names do not serve our patient population.


A number of months back I was watching a video on Youtube about a young man who had overcome his cancer and was able to go on and become a well built body builder.  I will never forget the video because you can see right there in the video the multiple causes of the boy’s cancer.  He was eating a diet too high in carbohydrates and sugars.  Nobody seemed to be able to figure out the “mystery” behind the boys cancer.  And yet, in a couple of the images in the video they show the boy eating fried food and drinking soda pop like mountain dew and other sugary and cancer causing foods.  I just find this truly amazing.  The “disease care” profession may have been able to rid the boy of the “cancer” but they never addressed its underlying cause which is a diet of fried and sugary foods.  Looks may be deceiving.  The video is here below for you to watch.  I hope you can learn the truth here and gain freedom in the knowledge that I am sharing.  This fellow is very young.  I wonder how the approach he used would work out for someone in their early or late 70s.

I found this video to be incredible in terms of its dichotomy and irony.  There is even an image in the middle of the video where the Ronald McDonald clown is standing next to the boy.


The Truth

The Truth

I hope that this post has proved helpful to you.

Oh, yeah.  One other thing….  There is a new fad going around during the last few years about Marijuana and Cancer.  There is a rumor that marijuana can cure cancer.  This is true, it can.  Chemotherapy also cures cancer.  The reason why BOTH of these approaches are so effective is because they utilize highly toxic material that, when it comes into contact with cancer cells it causes apoptosis (cell death).  The drawback is that these approaches cause the body to become toxic.  Toxins weaken the immune system and a weakened immune system becomes more susceptible to diseases such as cancer.  Pot causes intoxication.  Intoxication means “to become toxic.”  Toxic means poison.  If I had cancer I would only be interested in knowing the following 4 things:  1.  What is wrong?  How did I get cancer? What is the cause of it?  2.  Is there someone who can help me with my cancer?  3.  If they can help me with my cancer then what will be involved in getting it to go away?  4.  Once the cancer is gone, how do we keep it from coming back?








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Posted on Jul 18, 2014