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Categories: Depression

Recently after talking to a few new and old patients as well as hearing about some things that are becoming popular in the media, it has come to my attention that very few people know what the scope of my practice is and what types of conditions we treat in our office. Our office has always taken pride in considering ourselves to be relatively good at marketing our services but this realization that our ideal patients do not know what we actually do has been a big wake up call for our office.

Ok, here we go….

75% of our population suffers from thyroid disease. If you suffer from ANY of these conditions listed below then this information is very relevant to you. We help people with these conditions in our office and we have had amazing results with helping people get well and stay well in record time. To repeat, the overwhelming majority of people that you and I know suffer from a thyroid disorder. Every single cell in the entire body is affected by thyroid hormone so when the thyroid gland is not working properly you may feel really, really terrible. ALL OF THESE DISEASES / DISORDERS LISTED HERE BELOW ARE ACTUALLY THYROID DISEASES: (To make this easier to understand I will indicate why each disease and/or dysfunction is a thyroid condition.)

Irritable Bowell Syndrome – the bowels are regulated by the thyroid. The thyroid regulates the speed of digestion.

Rheumatoid Arthritis – the thyroid regulates metabolism. When a person has a metabolic disease like high blood pressure then they have a thyroid condition. Interestingly, RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) is an auto-immune disease. ALL AUTO-IMMUNE DISEASES ARE DIGESTIVE DISORDERS. Again, the thyroid regulates digestion and 2 of the precursors to active thyroid hormone (T3) are metabolized in the gut. These 2 precursors that lead to between 25 and 27% of T3 are called T3 Sulfate and T3 Acetate.

Depression and Other Mood Disorders – these are classic thyroid symptoms from right out of the textbook. The thyroid gland regulates brain chemistry. When people have difficulties with the neurotransmitters serratonin and dopamine it directly involves the thyroid gland. The thyroid and adrenal glands work very closely together in dopamine metabolism.

Brain Disorders such as a Glioblastoma – there is a metabolic disorder that has caused this condition. Remember that the glands in the brain as well as the different parts of the white and grey matter of the brain, the mid-brain and different ventricles of the brain have a very large biofeedback component to their function. The brain processes all of the information that it receives from the nerve cells and other receptor cells throughout the body. For example, nearly all digestive disorders are directly related to the pituitary. If the hormonal system were thought of to be an orchestra of players all playing in tune, the pituitary gland in the brain is like the conductor of that orchestra. The hypothalamus in the brain is like the composer of the music. The thyroid is like a cellist or base player – it is very important for the deep sounds of the music. Remember that if any one player in the orchestra is playing out of tune then the symphony sounds terrible because the sounds that each player creates affects all of the other players.

Belly Fat and Obesity – The thyroid regulates body temperature and weight. Do you have difficulties with your weight? If you do then you have difficulties with your thyroid. The more you struggle with your weight the more you struggle with the health of your thyroid —– true story.

Alopecia – Alopecia means hair loss. Alopecia is another auto-immune disease. Again, this means it is a digestive disorder and as you probably remember from above, the thyroid regulates digestion.

Infertility – There are two main causes of infertility. We define infertility as the inability to give birth to a healthy child. The first cause is the inability to get pregnant and the second cause of infertility is the inability to stay pregnant. The other important consideration with infertility is to understand what happens when a woman gets preganant and gives birth to a child but the child is very unhealthy. A friend of mine who was diagnosed with brain cancer and received brain surgery ended up having his wife get pregnant and she gave birth to a very sickly child with Down’s syndrome. Healthy mother and father = healthy baby. Unhealthy mother and father = unhealthy baby. Think of the process of giving birth to a healthy child like the process of training for and running a marathon. A woman needs to be relatively healthy in order to pull off giving birth to a healthy child. At the heart of cellular health is a healthy thyroid gland. Carrying out a healthy pregnancy is dependent upon proper progesterone levels and progesterone is a very important player in thyroid health.

Fatigue – Remember that it is the thyroid gland that regulates energy in the body. Low energy or chronic fatigue is synonymous with thyroid disease.

Anemia – Iron plays a crucial role in dopamine production and thyroid health. Those people who suffer from anemia are also suffering from thyroid disease. Iron metabolism is dependent upon several things. The parietal cells of the stomach will make intrinsic factor which then combines with folic acid and B12 in order to make iron. Just to make vitamin B12, cobalt is needed as well as the byproducts of some of the friendly bacteria in the colon. Remember that the Thyroid regulates the rate of digestion. The best source of naturally occurring iron is red meat. Spinach and certain other green leafy vegetables have quite a bit of iron but it is not in a form that is readily available. It should really be a fat solvable source of iron. Think of beef liver as being an excellent source of iron and other B Vitamins AND it has plenty of good quality fat as well.

Insomnia – There are 2 main possible causes for insomnia.  The first and most common cause is poor digestion – simple and easy.  The second most common cause of insomnia or poor sleep is from some type of traumatic injury.  Remember that the thyroid and digestion go hand and hand.  To reiterate, the thyroid regulates the rate of digestion.  Poor sleep can be equated to poor neurotransmitter production and failure of the Pineal gland to make Melatonin.  The pineal gland is one of the endocrine glands.  Remember that all of the endocrine glands wok together like an orchestra of musicians all playing in tune.  The other main endocrine glands are the pituitary, hypothalamus, Adrenal glands, pancreas, adrenal glands, thyroid gland, testicles (testosterone production), prostate or ovaries.  These are the main endocrine glands.  Any disruption in the delicate orchestration of the hormones and their levels between the different glands can lead to difficulty with sleep.  Also, poor colon function and an unhealthy microbiome will have a negative effect on your sleep.  Certain friendly bacteria in the colon lead to increased GABA levels that lead to improved sleep.


Here below you can listen to one of our patients who was able to get complete and total relief from her depression.  This is truly an amazing video that reveals miracles.  You will not want to miss any minute of it.



Here are a number of BEFORE videos of a patient that lost about 11 pounds after just a couple of visits.







AFTER video review demonstrating great WEIGHT LOSS and MOOD STABILIZING results with Triad Of Health Family Healing Center

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Posted on Dec 4, 2017