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Poor Digestion, Sinusitis, Deviated Nasal Septum Discussed by San Rafael Chiropractor

How to save yourself from an unneeded and useless surgery.

Many people do not realize the profound difference between treating symptoms with conventional medicine and getting to the underlying causes of those symptoms with Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), also known as Holistic health care.  Holistic health care helps people to heal at a very deep level by addressing the underlying causes of symptoms.  Conventional Medicine may relieve symptoms temporarily, but then those symptoms usually come back later — often the disease is driven even more deeply into the body.  For example, sinusitis and post nasal drip are related to stomach dysfunction.  In conventional medicine they try to surgical repair what they call a “deviated nasal septum.”  Did they ever think about determining what caused the nasal septum to deviate if there is no history of trauma.

Applied Kinesiologists, health care providers that understand the relationships between different organs, glands, emotions, nutrients and structures throughout the body know fully well that the sinuses are related to the stomach.  For those suffering from a deviated nasal septum, they simply address the stomach dysfunction and then help their patient to quickly heal from what Conventional Medicine has convinced us is a “deviated nasal septum.”  You can learn more in this video below.

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Posted on Jan 14, 2019