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Healthy Skin

Personal Care Safe and Solvent Free Best Bets
Reviewed by Ilya Skolnikoff - Rating: 5.0

Have you been wanting to know what are the healthiest and safest skin care products to use and what are not? Well, now you can find out about this in no uncertain terms. I hope that this list proves helpful to you. Remember that personal care products are individualized so what may be ideal for one person may not be the perfect thing for someone else. One person may have an allergy or sensitivity to certain ingredients while those same ingredients do not cause any reaction in someone else.

Here is an interesting video about sun care I thought you might like:

Personal Care Safe & Solvent-Free Best Bets

Bars: Suisun Bay Soap Co., Chandrika Ayurvedic Soap, Clearly Natural Glycerin Soap, most bar soaps at most health food stores are o.k., all of the bar soaps at Whole Foods Market seem to be o.k.. Dr. Bronner’s Castille Soap Liquid baby formula (light blue bottle). Plantlife, Riversoap Company, Glycerine Soaps sold at Whole Foods, Dessert Essence Liquid Soap with Tea Tree Oil

Deoderant (strong): Real Purity Deoderant (also Vital Image),

Deoderant (mild): Le Crystal also called Crystal Stick Deoderant, Na PCA non oily, Nature’s Gate Spring Fresh Scent Deoderant Stick (using oat derived odor blocker and witch hazel.) Luminance Skin Care Deoderant we carry in the Triad Of Health office.

Shaving Crème: Shaving Miracle (The Vital Image)

Toothpaste: Real Purity Toothpaste, Unda’s Homeofresh or Triad Of Health’s Liquid Mineral Complex or Kiss My Face Triple Action Certified Organic Aloe Vera Toothpaste or Kiss My Face triple Action Whitening Toothpaste – avoid if fluoride is an ingredient (Caution: both of these toothpastes from Kiss my face will interfere with Homeopathic therapies), Jason Healthy Mouth Tea Tree Toothpaste. Try to avoid products with fluoride in them

Toothpaste Alternative: Pristine (Safe Earth): (Caution: This interferes with
Homeopathic therapies).  Triad Of Health carries 5 separate types of toothpaste that we ship in from England and Canada.  Our Fennel toothpaste is so amazing that people cannot seem to stop brushing their teeth.

Shampoo & Crème Rinse: All of Hauchka’s and Jurlique shampoos and Crème rinses.
Real Purity and The vital Image. Aveda’s plant-based shampoos and crème rinses (chamomile, clove, black Malva, etc.) All of Burt’s Bees Products for hair, Bee-Hair-Now: Beeceuticals Organics, Alba Cocoa butter dry-repair hair wash shampoo, Alba coconut milk extra-rich revitalisant, Alba plumeria replenishing hair conditioner. All Giovani products sold at Whole Foods Market are good however, avoid the magnetic energizing shampoo and conditioners. Select Juice Organics hair care such as Pomsmooth Pomegranite Conditioner.

Hair Detangler /
Condition Spray: Hair Myst (The Vital Image), Aveda’s cherry / Almond Bark, Rosemary / Mint Conditioners and Deep Penetrating Hair Revitalizer, Morocco’s holistic organic shampoos and crème rinses.

Body Lotion / Oil: Hauschka’s Rose or Quince Body Moisturizer (or Jurlique), Vitamin E Oil, unscented Shea Butter that does not have tons of other ingredients or preservatives, pure rose hips oil is good. Aloe Vera Gel that has very few ingredients other than aloe vera is good. Most nut or seed oils that are unscented tend to be good, however, immediately after purchasing the oil you should open it and put either vitamin E oil into it, astazanthin (liquid) or lutein in order to preserve the oil and keep it from going rancid.


Moisture Lotion (face): Day time: Hauschka Moisturinzing Day Cream or Jurlique Nighttime: Hauschka Rose “Day” Cream or Jurlique, the specific Juice Beauty products such as Nutrient Moisturizer, Antioxidant serum, oil free moisturizer, Blemish Be Gone for acne, and organic lip moisturizer and organic facial rejuvenating mask. Pure Rose hips oil is good. Aubry Pure Aloe Vera, Na PCA non oily, Duchess Maden: Damasceria Crème Cleanser, Damasceria Foaming Cleanser, Damasceria Pure Rose Water, Damasceria Face Crème.

Shower Gel: Bodhichitta, Alba Passion fruit body wash, organic Apoteke Body Cleanse Gel, Whole Foods Fragrance Free shower gel, Sensuous Beauty Cleansing Grains and also lip and eye balm

Skin Peel: Fruit Acid Program with alpha hydroxyl acid (Cara Bella – best administered by a professional esthetician) – however, best to just use nothing as you are not necessarily skin peel deficient.

“face-lift” lotion: C-serum & Lipid Complex (The Vital Image)

Oil to Transform Skin: Le Visage (Safe Earth) reduces brown spots, broken capillaries, etc.) Most pure vitamin E oil is good – the more expensive and natural the better, rose hips oil is good, pure Shea butter with nothing added, jojoba oil may be o.k. if you add vitamin E oil to it to preserve it.

Lipstick: Hemp, Real Purity. At they may carry a lipstick or tell you where to get one.

Lip Gloss: Country Comfort or Nanak’s Lip Smoothie (health food stores) Lip and Skin Palm (Vital Image)

Make-up: Real Purity (mascara, eyeliner, blush-on, concealer, Foundation, powder…)

Hair Spray: Non-Aerosol Hair Spray (alcohol-free) Real Purity

Spray Setting Lotion: Body Plus Setting Lotion (Real Purity)

Hair Setting Lotion: Natural Styling Gel (Real Purity), Confixor (Aveda).

Gel: Aubrey Gel (works like Mousse) health food stores

Suntan Lotion (mild SPF): Real Purity Suntan Lotion (can’t use if sensitive to PABA). May use zinc sunscreen from Real Purity as an alternative.

Suntan Lotion (strong SPF): Badger, Burn Out, Green Screen, Dr. Ilya has special therapies to prevent and also to treat sun burn that come from Total Body Modification and the work of Dr. Victor Frank.

Fingernail Polish: None! (Nail Buffer – “Is It Wet” from Cherie at Chadwick’s Salon (425) 672-8773

Perfume: None! They contain toxic toluene and other chemicals. Alternative: Clean, nontoxic essential oils from “landscape hydrosol and essential oils for health and beauty” at (These are still in testing mode.)

Best Hair Color: Logona Henna (this is toxic, but less toxic than most)
Aveda Hair Color (at specific Aveda salons like Mitra at Belli Capelli 415-346-4100)

Best Cleaners: Health Food Stores or Lifetime Solutions. Focus on using vinegar or vinegar based products or citrus based products made from lemmon, orange or grapefruit. Hydrogen Peroxide is toxic but not too bad if not ingested. Rubbing alcohol is toxic but tends to be somewhat less toxic than ammonia and many of the other cleaners. Fairly good natural cleaning products can be purchased from Network Marketing companies such as Amway or or The less smelly the product the better. Simple Green is very, very toxic and should be avoided. Clorox Bleach and similar products should be avoided. Triad Of Health and Dr. Ilya carry Loalsan which is a pine scented cleaner that can be purchased.

For Acne or Blemishes: Blemish Be Gone from Juice Beauty.  The Luminance Skincare line.

Generally O.k. at Health Food Stores
♣ Geremy Rose (skin care)
♣ Hauschka (some)
♣ Jurlique (some)
♣ Hemp (lipstick)
♣ Burt’s Bees (most is good but avoid sunscreen – not all of their products are safe).

Some common toxic chemicals that you may want to avoid
♣ Phthalates – plastics and blood donor bags, hospital IV drips
♣ BPA (Bisphenol A) – plastics
♣ Iron (sun care)
♣ Titanium dioxide (skin care / nutritional supplements)
♣ Silver nitrate (nutritional supplements / skin care)
♣ Talc
♣ Parabens (nutrition and skin care)
♣ Ether
♣ Most essential oils including some popular “organic” brands.
♣ Zinc gluconate (nutrition)

♣ the EWG website.
-look up ingredient study on 28,000 products
-article on skin care products

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Posted on Jul 13, 2017