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By now you have definitely heard about the Fukushima incident that took place in Japan at the beginning of 2011.  You may have heard that the radiation leakage from Fukushima into the ground water that then made it into the Pacific Oceans amounted to thousands of radioactive water going into the sea each day.  Perhaps you even did some of your own research and learned that deep, deep in the Pacific Ocean radiation levels were measured to be millions of times what is allowable by EPA standards.  Yes, that is correct;  not hundreds or thousands of times higher, but greater than 1,000,000.  Perhaps you have a background in science and understand a little bit about the air that became contaminated with radiation that then caused the fallout here in the western part of the United States that led to elderly and babies getting sick.  You may even remember from something you read that there was a 30% increase of new baby deaths in California and surrounding states in the months following the Fukushima incident in 2011.  You may understand a little bit about how radiation gets into the food chain and realize that if the algae in Hawaii, California and throughout the Western part of the continent is contaminated with radiation that then the fish that eat it are also contaminated with radiation.  If you heard about these things then you heard correctly.  Every one of them is true.  And yet, you really see very little about the Fukushima disaster in the news these days.  Japan had contracts in place with the United States that the United States would continue to buy seafood from Japan for a certain period of time regardless of the quality of that seafood.  The United States has kept its promise and continues to purchase and distribute Japanese seafood throughout the country.

Building With Radiation leak coming from

Building With Radiation leak coming from


I have had a number of patients get sick from the seafood coming out of the North Pacific Ocean.  Many of these patients have what seems to be radiation poisoning.  It has been happening with a number of my colleagues as well.  Some of us have bought Geiger counters and have measured very, very slight increases in radiation levels in the fish.  These increases in radiation are barely detectable.  Radiation exposure is cumulative, meaning, repeated exposure causes the radiation to build up in the body.  A person could be getting sick from radiation poisoning for many years and never even know it.  They could have very few symptoms from being poisoned for years at a time and not even realize it is happening.  Then, one day when the cumulative exposure to radiation in their body reaches a titration point (turning point) they will then have symptoms.  They may end up throwing up fish that was radioactive but thought that the fish was spoiled or had parasites in it.  They may just start feeling nauseous and tired all of the time.  They may end up requiring more sleep.  They may experience itchy skin, constipation, gas, diarrhea or bloating among other digestive upsets.  They may start to have their hair fall out.  It is likely that they would experience cloudy thinking.  They may be cold and feel like they are catching the common cold.  The symptoms of radiation poisoning are very similar to those of heavy metal poisoning.  Radiation shuts down the thyroid gland.

Here is a map of the areas that have supposedly had the most amount of fallout:


As Utopian and idealistic as I may be, I would like to think that getting the information that you need to be healthy can make a huge impact on your life and your health.  When you go to a restaurant to sit down and eat, you have a choice.  You can eat food that has radiation in it and could make you sick, or you can eat food that does not.  With the proper coaching and guidance and understanding of how your body works, you can choose between eating foods that you are allergic to and make you sick and eating foods that are safe and even contribute to your health.

I hope that you choose wisely.  Triad Of Health Family Healing Center is hear to help.




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Posted on Apr 15, 2014