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Categories: breast cancer, Hormones

Are you planning on getting a preventive double mastectomy?

There are 3 goals for this post:

  1. Not to offend the reader.
  2. Reveal the flawed thinking with any type of preventative Mastectomy surgical procedure or any other similar surgical procedure and the missing science.
  3. Identify the depth of the flawed thinking and the greater implications for our entire society of this flawed thinking.

It may not be possible to accomplish all 3 of these goals with this post but perhaps it will be possible to accomplish 2 out of the 3 of them.

Why would anyone willingly want to remove their breasts?  Of course, the reason for doing this is that the alternative options are too great of a risk or present less desireable alternatives.  I am going to urge you to do the very best to question your way of thinking while reading this post if you are under the impression that there is some type of benefit to having preventive surgeries.

How is it possible to PREVENT anything with a surgery other than the spread of an aggressive tumor?  The entire idea of a surgery is that it TREATS THE SYMPTOM for which the surgery is being done.  In other words, surgeries are not preventative, they are for a major disease state that already has progressed OR they are for cosmetic reasons.  Surgeries are a lower form of medicine, they are not a higher form of medicine.  Healthy people do not need surgeries, sick people need surgeries.

You, the reader, may object:  “But, what if the genetic statistics showing the likelihood of breast cancer is so great that any choice other than to get a double mastectomy would be a poor choice?”  Good question.  I hope my reader is familiar with epigentics.  Most people do not realize that WE CAN CHANGE OUR GENES.  The genetic profile of a person has very little to do with their health and how their lives play themselves out.  The think that determines how genes affect our health is ONLY when those genes are expressed.  Just because you have one genetic factor or another does not mean that that gene will necessarily express itself.  Bruce Lipton is at the forefront of Epigeneices and has come from a background of having taught molecular biology to graduate Medical School students for over 10 years.  He is a national lecturer and profoundly gifted and well studied.

The expression of our genes is determined by our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, attitudes, environment and the decisions that we make in our lives.  We determine most of these things.  We are not a victim of our genes, but rather, we are the master of them.  We determine how we think, what type of food we eat, how much exercise, rest and fresh air we get and nearly every other area of our lives.  We are the architects of our lives and we CHOOSE THE CONTENTS OF OUR LIVES.  Our genes affect our health and/or whether or not we are going to get breast cancer less than 4% of the time.  However, a surge rival procedure which removes such important hormone related tissue and tissue responsible for health is very destructive.  If women were not designed to have breasts then they would not be born with them.  Surgically removing something God gave you as a gift may not be the wisest course of action to take.















Watch this video from San Rafael chiropractor Dr. Ilya Skolnikoff who specializes

in female hormone-imbalance in his San Rafael chiropractic office.

This video talks about hot flashes and night sweats.  I hope you find it helpful.

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Posted on Sep 23, 2017