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San Rafael Functional Medicine Doctor Discusses Detoxification Signs and Symptoms

      Unfortunately, essentially nobody in our modern society has much of a notion as to what is involved with detoxification.  What are the signs and symptoms of a major detoxification?  Most of what we hear are rumors and philosophical opinions.  As a San Rafael Functional Medici...

12 Foods Containing Weed Killer: Glyphosate and Wheat Allergies

Not many people are aware of the link between glyphosate and gluten intolerance. However, there is a direct link. You can learn about all of the associated symptoms in this Blog Post. ...

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Posted on Oct 27, 2018

San Rafael Thyroid Doctor Reveals Lab Fraud Video

The endocrine system (hormonal system) is like an orchestra of players all playing in tune.  If just one of the players in the orchestra plays out of tune, then the entire orchestra sounds terrible.  Alternately, if we just listen to one or two of the players that are excellent and have everyone e...

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Posted on Sep 26, 2018

Relief From Thyroid Symptoms, Cocaine and Sugar!

The renin angiotensin system controls blood pressure through the sodium / potassium pump.  Without aldosterone, this renin angiotensin system that converts angiotensin I to angiotensin II will not work properly.  Remember that much of the absorption of calcium and sodium and potassium in the body ...

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Posted on Sep 23, 2018

San Rafael Kinesiologist Helps with Dizziness and Other Hard to Diagnose Conditions

The TRIAD OF HEALTH is a system of healthcare that treats the whole person and considers the Structural, Bio-Chemical and Emotional/Mental health of each patient as a course of treatment. This specific methodology that has been researched, developed, tested and practiced for more than 11 years by Dr...

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Posted on Aug 30, 2018

Female Hormone Expert in San Rafael Reveals that You Are Exercising to get Fatter.!? Part 1

Are you a fat burner or a sugar burner?  The answer to this question has a profound effect on how long you will live, and on how healthy you will be.  Our body can burn two types of fuel for energy: fat and sugar.  Fat is our most efficient energy source, and under healthy conditions we [&hellip...

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Posted on Aug 16, 2017

Four Reasons Poor Vision Puts Your Mental Health At Risk

Four Reasons Poor Vision Puts Your Mental Health At Risk Proper vision care can change your life, and help keep your mental health intact as well. In fact, poor vision resulting from the wrong type of eyeglasses prescription may even lead to brain dysfunction. The connection between your eyes and yo...

Mouth and Stomach

Please note that much of the information in this blog post comes directly from the late Dr. David Walther. Mouth and Stomach. As food is chewed, it is mixed with saliva which contains the carbohydrate-digesting enzyme ptyalin. The chewed mixture goes down the esophagus into the stomach. With the hel...


Probiotics have been very popular among consumers for more than 30 years now.  Probiotics are popular for many reasons.  Research has shown all sorts of benefits to using probiotic strains as they help with immune function by allowing improved production of white blood cells.  They help people wh...

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Posted on May 18, 2016

Hormone Expert

What is an Hormone Expert and How Do You Know if They are Truly an Expert? Unfortunately, now-a-days just about anyone can get up on a soap box and preach about how they are a great hormone expert without even having had any real training or experience.  The way to really know if someone can BEGI...

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Posted on Mar 14, 2016