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Could your Eyeglasses and Metal Fillings Be Causing Your Brain Fog?

Mineral deficiencies have become rampant in the modern world.  Over the last 3000 years or so, many of the minerals have washed down into the sea.  Lots of people are deficient in both iodine and zinc.  Iodine is needed to make thyroid hormone and zinc is needed in order to taste properly, make s...

San Rafael Chiropractor reviews Double Preventive Mastectomy

Are you planning on getting a preventive double mastectomy? There are 3 goals for this post: Not to offend the reader. Reveal the flawed thinking with any type of preventative Mastectomy surgical procedure or any other similar surgical procedure and the missing science. Identify the depth of the fla...

Categories: breast cancer, Hormones
Posted on Sep 23, 2017

Female Hormones and the Million Women Study Discussed by Thyroid Expert

I feel compelled to share some information about female hormones.  The largest study that has ever been done on Bio Identical Hormones and synthetic hormones and women is called the Million Women Study.  You can learn more about female hormones and their effect on the body in this link here.   I...

Categories: Hormones
Posted on Aug 27, 2017

Mouth and Stomach

Please note that much of the information in this blog post comes directly from the late Dr. David Walther. Mouth and Stomach. As food is chewed, it is mixed with saliva which contains the carbohydrate-digesting enzyme ptyalin. The chewed mixture goes down the esophagus into the stomach. With the hel...

Blood Sugar – Nutrition and Mental Health

Blood Sugar, blood sugar, blood sugar. Such a fun thing to talk about, and so sweet. Very tastey. Sugar! You can hear and read almost anything about sugar, from how it is good food to how it causes major health problems in everyone who eats it. Somewhere in between is where the proper perspective wi...

Categories: blog, Hormones, Thyroid
Posted on May 26, 2016

Discover The Frightening Truth about Cleansing

Like most of you who are reading this blog post, I was taught in my 20s from a variety of people whom I had met that it was a good idea to do cleanses regularly because that could improve your health and help your body to detoxify properly.  There is some truth to this.  However, […]...

Categories: Allergies, blog, Heavy Metal Toxicity, Hormones, Women
Posted on Apr 11, 2016

Hormone Expert

What is an Hormone Expert and How Do You Know if They are Truly an Expert? Unfortunately, now-a-days just about anyone can get up on a soap box and preach about how they are a great hormone expert without even having had any real training or experience.  The way to really know if someone can BEGI...

Categories: Hormones, Uncategorized, Women
Posted on Mar 14, 2016

Point Of Use Water Treatment


Categories: Allergies, blog, Heavy Metal Toxicity, Hormones, Labs, Plants, Vitamin D, Women
Posted on Dec 25, 2015

Cholesterol Lies and Truths

Cholesterol is needed to make: Vitamin D Bile Acids Progesterone Estrogen DHEA Testosterone Pregnenolone Cortisol Aldosterone Cell membranes Low cholesterol levels are related to a significantly increased risk of death from a variety of conditions and situations unrelated to heart disea...

Categories: Allergies, blog, Calcium, Cancer, Cholesterol, Hormones, Large Intestine, Vitamin D, Women
Posted on Nov 9, 2015

The Vitamin D Truth

Secret Question and Answer: Does it matter if my vitamin D levels are low? Everybody now-a-days is worried about their Vitamin D levels. How come? What is Vitamin D? Vitamin D is not a vitamin, it is actually a hormone that is made in the epidermal layer (the skin) when the skin is exposed to [&hell...