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San Rafael Functional Medicine Doctor Discusses Detoxification Signs and Symptoms

      Unfortunately, essentially nobody in our modern society has much of a notion as to what is involved with detoxification.  What are the signs and symptoms of a major detoxification?  Most of what we hear are rumors and philosophical opinions.  As a San Rafael Functional Medici...

Importance of the ICV

Nearly all digestive problems involve either the Ileocecal Valve, the Valves of Houston, or both valves. When a person has a lot of difficulties with their digestion they ALWAYS have difficulties with their emotional state - ALWAYS...


  No, I am not talking about diarrhea of the mouth.  If you are a human, you have probably had Diarrhea at one time or another.  If it is alright with you I would like to be permitted to take a few moments to share with you what caused me to choose to discuss diarrhea […]...

Categories: diarrhea
Posted on Jan 9, 2017