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12 Foods Containing Weed Killer: Glyphosate and Wheat Allergies

Not many people are aware of the link between glyphosate and gluten intolerance. However, there is a direct link. You can learn about all of the associated symptoms in this Blog Post. ...

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Posted on Oct 27, 2018

San Rafael Thyroid Doctor Reveals Lab Fraud Video

The endocrine system (hormonal system) is like an orchestra of players all playing in tune.  If just one of the players in the orchestra plays out of tune, then the entire orchestra sounds terrible.  Alternately, if we just listen to one or two of the players that are excellent and have everyone e...

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Posted on Sep 26, 2018

Relief From Thyroid Symptoms, Cocaine and Sugar!

The renin angiotensin system controls blood pressure through the sodium / potassium pump.  Without aldosterone, this renin angiotensin system that converts angiotensin I to angiotensin II will not work properly.  Remember that much of the absorption of calcium and sodium and potassium in the body ...

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Posted on Sep 23, 2018

San Rafael Kinesiologist Helps with Dizziness and Other Hard to Diagnose Conditions

The TRIAD OF HEALTH is a system of healthcare that treats the whole person and considers the Structural, Bio-Chemical and Emotional/Mental health of each patient as a course of treatment. This specific methodology that has been researched, developed, tested and practiced for more than 11 years by Dr...

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Posted on Aug 30, 2018

Dr. Skolnikoff’s Healing Journey – San Rafael, California

One day when I was at the gym lifting weights I tore 90% of my pec major muscle on the right and had to get it surgically repaired.  A few years later I tore the other pectoralis major muscle on the opposite side of my body.  When I began to study Professional Applied Kinesiology I later learned t...

Could your Eyeglasses and Metal Fillings Be Causing Your Brain Fog?

Mineral deficiencies have become rampant in the modern world.  Over the last 3000 years or so, many of the minerals have washed down into the sea.  Lots of people are deficient in both iodine and zinc.  Iodine is needed to make thyroid hormone and zinc is needed in order to taste properly, make s...

7 Pitfalls You Must Avoid To Heal Your Thyroid

Triad Of Health Family Healing Center now holds regular thyroid workshops that are completely FREE.  This means that people in the local and surrounding communities are able to come and learn about the options to the conventional model for thyroid disease.  The conventional model offers patients o...

“Green” Mattress Certifications and What They Mean

The experts say that you should replace your mattress every 5 to 10 years, with eight years being the sweet spot. They’re expensive, so you’ll want to do a lot of research to make sure that it’s the best choice for you and your family. You should also try to make sure that your new […]...

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Posted on May 26, 2018

Say Goodbye to Migraine Headaches and Medications to treat them with Complementary and Alternative Medicine

If you are having headaches and want to get rid of them then you are not alone.  There are about 45 million Americans that suffer from headaches (1).  The most important thing when dealing with ANY health concern is to determine the underlying cause of that health concern.  There are 3 causes of ...

How to Get Rid of Your Back Pain Without Surgery

Hypocrites, the father of modern medicine said, "the highest good is to find the cause."  What he meant by this is that if you do not find out what is causing the symptom then you will not be able to get rid of the symptom with any lasting result.  Of course, back pain is a symptom. ...