Are you Exercising to get Fatter? Part 1

Are you a fat burner or a sugar burner?  The answer to this question has a profound effect on how long you will live, and on how healthy you will be.  Our body can burn two types of fuel for energy: fat and sugar.  Fat is our most efficient energy source, and under healthy conditions we [&hellip...

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Posted on Aug 16, 2017

Goals / Goal Setting AND Affirmations

  Have you ever set goals before?  Well, I have.  They are a CRUCIAL part of health and healing.  Most people who get started with a healing program fail to even visualize in their mind what will be involved with the process of healing and accomplishing their health goals.  Whatever goal yo...

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Posted on Aug 14, 2017

Sugar and Cancer from Scientific American

I thought you might like this article about Sugar and Cancer from the Scientific American.  Please realize that this article is NOT saying that sugar will get rid of cancer NOR is it saying that sugar causes cancer.  The subject matter here is of another nature.  What the article is emphatically ...

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Posted on Aug 12, 2017

A Bit of Sugar in Your Coffee?

    I thought you might like this document by Nancy Appleton which is titled 108 Ways Sugar Can Ruin Your Health.   108 Ways Sugar Can Ruin Your Health 108 Ways Sugar Can Ruin Your Health In addition to throwing off the body’s homeostasis, excess sugar may result in a number of ...

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Posted on Aug 11, 2017

Belly Fat

7 Vital Things You Must Know to Get Rid of Belly Fat Completely and Keep it from Returning   Do you have extra belly fat around your mid-section that makes it seem like you are carrying around a tire with you everywhere you go?   It can be frustrating if you have tried weight loss [&hellip...

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Posted on Jul 23, 2017

Do You Suffer from Nerve Pain?

Do you experience nerve pain? We may have a complete solution for you that does not involve drugs or surgery.   If you have nerve pain then you are not alone.  In 2010, it was determined that about 13% of Americans suffer from neuropathic pain and 22% of people worldwide suffer from neuropath...

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Posted on Jul 14, 2017

Healthy Skin

Have you been wanting to know what are the healthiest and safest skin care products to use and what are not? Well, now you can find out about this in no uncertain terms. I hope that this list proves helpful to you. Remember that personal care products are individualized so what may be ideal for [&he...

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Posted on Jul 13, 2017


  No, I am not talking about diarrhea of the mouth.  If you are a human, you have probably had Diarrhea at one time or another.  If it is alright with you I would like to be permitted to take a few moments to share with you what caused me to choose to discuss diarrhea […]...

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Posted on Jan 9, 2017

Truvia Poison

As I go about my daily life hardly a day goes by that I am not shocked and dismayed by the current state of our health care system or the current state of the Level Of Consciousness of the average American. Today I went to Safeway to pick up a few items and noticed a […]...

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Posted on Oct 30, 2016


             The information that you find in this post comes from Everyday Tao by Deng Ming-Dao.   A flower is called Hua in Pinion (from Chinese).  The pistils and stamen are in the center, the petals are on the sides, and the base and stem are below.  Flowers are a token [&hell...

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Posted on Aug 15, 2016

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